Friday, August 10, 2007

A quick backtrack...

I took some time last night and this morning to review what I've blogged about, and what you all have commented about, to see what I might have missed and make sure I don't double post! LOL!
Well, I ran across this comment and wanted to draw attention to it for a minute. Sílvia said...


Well, I know about that "New window" view, though I think I've never used it. Might turn to be very helpful, will have to give it a try!

However, if you ALWAYS want the "other window" to show the full size image, the easiest thing to do is add the "Navigator" tab to the "right-panel" (the one that contains the Layers, History, Brushes.... tabs. I have customized it in a way which quite resembles Photoshop, and it works great for me!"

Well, I have not decided if I want to even USE the other window all the time, but I have learned a little bit more about the dialogue windows. Thanks Sílvia!

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