Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My apologies...

I just added a link to some wonderful tutorials and must apologize to their author "laurarid" for not putting it up sooner. Hope you all enjoy!

Do you use overlays when you scrap?

Well, I will now, now that I've figured out HOW! Some girlfriends and I have used the overlay mode before when altering outdoor photographs for a more bright contrasty look. But it never dawned on me to use the overlay mode with an --oh my gosh!-- overlay! LOL! Let me tell you about the mode first. It is so cool! :D Overlay mode takes on the color of the paper underneath what is in overlay mode. Does that make sense? Here we go:

Open a plain colored paper for your background. Open a highly textured layer or overlay for your top layer. Open your layers dialogue if you haven't already, and make sure that the overlay layer is selected. Now go to the mode drop down menu in your layers dialogue and choose "overlay." An AMAZING THING will happen! :D

Now that you know this new trick, if you need some great papers and overlays, check out !

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I've added a couple of links...

I hope these tutorials have been helpful for you all that already use the GIMP. I've found Photoshop tutorials online that have helped me tremendously in breaking new ground in my GIMP knowledge, but here you get it directly for GIMP. Please let me know if there is something specific you would like to see here, or if these tutorials have been helpful for you...

Here's a random thought: check out the latest issue of Simple Scrapbooks Digital Scrapbooking 5! It is amazing to sit in front of my computer with my magazine in my lap and learn so many new and amazing ways to scrap!

But I digress... this blog entry was supposed to be for those of you who scrap with something other than GIMP, or are curious about scrapping or who stumbled upon this blog and are curious. If you are interested in absolute FREEDOM in digital scrapbooking, check out the GIMP!

I think I need to not be so excited about this...but it's hard when I want to eat breathe and sleep digital scrapbooking! Are you like that, too? Post a comment and tell me about your passion for scrapbooking. And then post another one and tell me about your passion for the GIMP!

Ciao for now!