Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Be watching for a new tutorial!

I don't know what your favorite digi-scrapping website is. Frankly, I don't know what MY favorite digi-scrapping website is. But I know who sends out the coolest newsletter! It's ScrapGirls! They send out a newsletter about 3 times a week and it is LOADED with cool stuff! The CEO of the company writes a MUSE that is thought provoking, funny, serious, light-hearted or just plain entertaining. There is always lots of great inspiration in the form of layouts that customers have done. There's always a freebie. And there's TUTORIALS! Alas, none for the GIMP, but we all cope, don't we. ;) Oh, and did I mention? The newsletter is free, too! LOL!

Anyway, one thing I have tried to do is learn from the methods explained in the tutorials of other software (both SG tuts, and others'), and not the specific instructions themselves. This has proven fairly productive and has resulted in some of the GIMP tutorials here in my blog.

So, to make a long story even longer, I'm gearin' up to give you all a really cool tutorial. But in the mean time, sign up for the ScrapGirls newsletter--I highly recommend it!


Amber said...

I think my favorite site is Designer Digitals -- they have some beautiful kits.

I'll have to give Scrap Girls a try.

Angela said...

Hey! thanks for the great comments! Scrap Girls does a newsletter 6 days of the week (sundays off) Each one has a freebie! Then to top that off, we have a weekly round up... another newsletter that has another freebie!!!

Sign up:)
Cant wait to see your work!