Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Okay, that last post was NOT very well written, and I didn't try those instructions before I published them. Can you all just pretend I didn't write them??? And..... duh..... there was a layer in the file titled "delete this layer" which just happens to be all those titles. And if you really DO have titles imbedded in your template or template layer, use the color picker, not the "select by color" option and things will go much better. :D

Happy Scrapping! ~Jen

Monday, June 25, 2007

How obnoxious!

I finally discovered what an earlier reader was complaining about when she said she couldn't remove the words from the templates she used. Oy! now I see what she was talking about!

Well, here's how I am going to fix the problem. Start over.... whaaaaa!!!!!! And then I'm going to use the "select by color" tool, select the color of the layer I want to erase a word out of, change my eraser tool to that color, and erase the word! Yuk. Why do they have to create templates that way?!?!

Happy scrapping!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Using Your Mouse in GIMP

I got a new computer for myself after Christmas and now get to use a roller "middle button" on my mouse. It's an interesting little feature that I have been learning more and more about. Well, I've also learned more about using it in GIMP and I thought I'd share my discoveries. There are three ways that I've discovered to use my roller (with numerous others, I'm sure, that I either haven't discovered, or don't feel worth mentioning here):

1. Scroll up and down in my layout. I do this by rolling the roller button while inside my layout window. Useful when my image is scaled bigger than my window.
2. Scroll side to side in my layout. I do this by rolling the roller button while at the bottom of the image window, where the slider is to go left and right. Also useful when my image is scaled bigger than the window it is occupying.
3. Scale bigger and smaller scale in my layout. (This, my friends, is why you get this post today.) :) To do this, hold your pointer over the scale number at the bottom of your window. It might say 18% or 25% or something like that. Well, if you hold your pointer over that number, then use your roller button, it will scale your image larger or smaller, depending on whether you roll forward or backward! I KNEW you'd like that as much as *I* do! :D

Happy scrappin'! ~Jen

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Vacation!!

My 3 year old son's last day of preschool was last Thursday and summer vacation is HERE! I'm still trying to put together a little scrapbook for my 12 y/o niece for her graduation from elementary school LAST YEAR and have actually seen some success. I also ended up getting a Costco membership and am going to try getting some pages printed there. Seems like I hardly have printed any of my scrapbook pages--me who loves to sit down with a good book and just hold it in my hands and read it! The computer just isn't the same! I really have to print some pages and get them in my book asap! Okay, enough exclamation points. I'm rambling a bit. Gearing up for a vacation to see family, too, and have to make sure the camera is ready for the trip. I can't wait to take all those pics and scrap them! :D There will be 7 kids together all under the age of 7. It really sounds exhausting, but fun, too.

Do you have any older projects still on the burner? What are your photo ops going to be this summer? What will you scrap to remember this summer by? Toodles! ~Jen