Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Just Give Me Somethin' to Scrap About"

Are you tired of the same old scrapping ideas that keep floating through your head? Well, here's a "top 10" list for my next scrapbooking slumps. I hope you enjoy them!

10. Laundry (aka. Mt. Washmore)
9. Dishes (Breakfast, Lunch AND dinner--does that count as 3?)
8. Getting the mail (and hoping that our box hasn't been vandalized, again)
7. Morning coffee (and praying that I will get some before the kids wake up)
6. Grocery shopping (on a budget of course!)
5. Garage Sales (wanting to sell all my kids' stuff at one, and wishing I didn't have to do my shopping AT them to GET my kids' stuff)
4. The clock on my living room wall (and it's constant NAGGING! LOL!!)
3. Library books (the one I've lost, and the ones on hold because so many people already want to read them)
2. Google recipes (my favorite "cookbook" in the world!)
1. Toys (stepping on them, tripping over them, skating on them (!), putting them in "time out", throwing the broken ones away, etc, etc, etc....)

Now, if you dare, post your "top 10" in the comments. I'd love to see what is going to motivate you to scrap your next page!

Happy Scrapping!!! ~Jen

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