Thursday, May 03, 2007

Did I speak too soon?

My poor baby is suffering miserably from GI problems, and I have not had ANY time whatsoever to devote to digi-scrapping for what seems like forever. So I'll just throw a few of my favorite sites out there, in case you all need a creative pick-me-up. Here's a partial list of my favorite places for FREE digi-supplies:

Most sites have newsletters to sign-up for where you can get lots of freebies, or blogs where they often will post links to freebies as well.

So, there, I wrote something. Not a tutorial, which I would like to write more of, but at least it's something to whet your appetite. :D

More later! ~Jen


Anonymous said...

Awww poor kiddo! I hope he gets to feeling better soon :(

We were just talking about you guys, were your ears ringing? It seems like forever since we've seen you!

Summers Camp said...

Hi Jen! I consider myself soooo lucky to have found you and your expertise with GIMP! I'm a fairly new digital scrap-booker, and I thought I was the only one who used GIMP! So nice to know I'm not alone! I too want to promote this fabulous image manipulation program to the rest of the DS community, so I'm right there with ya!

I'll be linking your blog, as it has already been so helpful in creating patterns for text, overlays, etc. Awesome! And thanks so much!


PS- hope the little one gets better soon!