Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the GIMP--it's not just for geeks anymore

I am having so much fun! Now I gotta figure out how to post a pic on here for y'all to see. :D

My wonderful 2 year old is yammering at me about everything trivial under the sun--it's a wonder I'm sitting upright these days. But when I get a chance (and the strength) I digi-scrap.

One wonderful community of scrappers I have found is at They have wonderful forums and a couple of threads about using GIMP! One is in the beginners forum and one is in the software forum. Another resource I have found--and a new friend as well--is at She added a tutorial for using her digital tears with GIMP. What a servant! :D Thanks so much to you!

Anyway, now that those little intro's are out of the way, off to play with the kiddo! :D

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Cindy said...

I just started using GIMP for digiscrapping. I've known about it for awhile, but just didn't want to try it out I guess. I finally did this weekend and am very pumped. So, I am very excited about your blog and the Digital Scrapbook Place. And I love the paper tearing tutoria. It's one of fav techiques in paper scrapping, so I definitely was glad for the tutorial.